Ace your remote interview

May 21, 2021

Before the interview:

1. Rehearse your interview using the same tools the interviewer has set for you. For example, if you received a Zoom meeting link, make sure you install Zoom and understand how to use it.

2. Ensure that you have a decent internet connection. You can do this by connecting your computer through an ethernet cable (not wifi) and running an internet speed test. You can consult with your internet provider on how to fix any issues.

3. Make sure you have a good audio setup. You can use a wired headphone (not bluetooth) with an attached microphone

4. Control your environment. Make sure you are in a quiet place for the interview with enough light (sunlight if possible)

At the interview:

5. Arrive early! Yes that rules apply in remote interviews too. Sit at your desk and join the meeting a few minutes early to make sure you are comfortable and well set.

6. Overcommuniate. In a remote setting your body language isn’t communicated the same way so that means you need to express yourself a little more verbally. This could be as simple as, this is what I am thinking about right now if you took a pause to think through a question.

7. General interview hygiene that applies: Don’t forget to prepare some questions about the company you are looking to join and thank the interviewers.

The world doesn’t end if you don’t land that job. Remembering this will give you permission to relax and enjoy the process.

I interviewed a lot of developers at Shopify and freelancers for my startup Piano Planet and candidates that were enjoying themselves would tend to do best.

George Yacoub
George Yacoub

Engineering manager @shopify, buliding Piano Planet on weekends.

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